Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 4 - Sandpoint, ID to Banff, Alberta

It rained a bit overnight which disturbed all of the dirt & dust on our bikes, but at least it was dry when we left in the morning under partly cloudy skies. As we headed north out of Sandpoint, the scenery got prettier and prettier. The skies cleared and the weather warmed up to perfect riding temperatures.
We crossed the Canadian border at the Eastport entry which was under construction. Welcome to Canada...now ride your Harley on dirt roads! Fortunately, the asphalt returned. Nobody told me I'd have to do math on my vacation...the Harley's do not have Kilometers on the speedometers so I have to convert Kilometers to miles per hour. Fortunately, Jeff told me how to do it but geez....I'm on vacation here!
The scenery in British Columbia simply cannot be described. Just when you think you've seen the most beautiful scenery ever, you go around a corner and discover more beautiful scenery.
We stopped at the Harley dealership in Cranbrook, BC and bought a couple of shirts. From there we continued on Canadian Highway 93 into Kootenay National Forest where we were again amazed with beautiful scenery.
Jeff has become very adept at shooting pictures while riding! Our wildlife sightings today consisted of 2 deer (which were smart enough to stay on the side of the road!) and a small red fox that ran in front of us.
We arrived in Banff around 6 pm and are staying at a beautiful hotel. We walked around the town for a little bit after dinner. Tomorrow we will explore the town further.
Here are some more random pictures taken today


  1. Looking good you guys! Can't imagine what a great time you must be having on your adventure. Good on you both for treating yourselves to this.

    I'm still holding out for that moose shot though!

  2. Are you using a GPS? If so you can change it to show KPH rather than MPH.